We source all major makes and models of bicycles and bicycle parts sold in Japan.

Thinking of buying a bike? Whether you are looking for a cruisy bike for getting around town or a full suspension downhill machine, our expert staff are available for a consultation and will be able to give you the right advice.

Peddle Before You Purchase!

You are welcome to try out one of our demonstration models before you make a purchase! This will help make sure you get the right type of bike in the correct size.

For further details about bike sales please visit the shop or send us an email to We are more than happy to assist!

Hybrid Packages*

We stock a great range of hybrid bikes for those who like to mix it up between the road and the dirt.

Road Packages*

Road cyclist will love our range of bikes designed for those who like to cruise or race on the bitumen.

MTB Packages*

Our mountain bikes will suit anyone from downhill adrenaline junkies to cross country fitness fanatics.


We stock most bike parts and can source anything else you need.


We have a range of clothing available and can order anything you may require, from shoes to jerseys. Please note our retail range is subject to availability.


We can fix your bike! Check out the range of workshop services available.

*Please note that if we don¹t have your choice of bike in stock we will do our best to order it in.